Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Media Series : Cameras

I'm a junk collector. Many of the things I collect are related to "old media" and the tools that used to be used to communicate: cameras, typewriters, radios, tape decks, metal typesetting equipment, old metal line cuts, commercial art tools. Anyway, you get the idea. I'm fascinated by the art of these objects--humble tools in their day, designed for utilitarian purposes--worth cherishing. These images are part of an Old Media series which I started a few years ago--although these particular images were just done recently.


crustypiman said...

Good work, Dennis! Those old cameras look absolutely great the way you photographed them. I assume these are still working, albeit rarely used these days. I know you have many more that are not shown here. What percentage of your collection is this? I'm guessing 20%. Is photographing a camera the same as drawing a pencil (with a pencil, of course)? Just wondering.

Thanks for your comments on my recently posted slide show of the Black Book. said...

Looks good Dennis! I have always been a fan of your camera/junk collecting ever since I was a kid. It is actually what started my camera collection!

That, and the Moran trait of collecting junk in general