Monday, April 20, 2009

Corian & Opal Glass Lamp

Over the years I've designed lots of furniture...some of which I've built in my quest to become a better woodworker. (Always hoping to equal the talents of Brothers  Bill & Greg)  And of course I always design the things I build, by first drawing them--I think of the drawings as an integral part of the design process. There are occasions though where I have designed things--with the thought that perhaps they could be manufactured for sale, rather than something I would make with my own hands--limited edition craftworks if you will. This 9x12 inch watercolor sketch on brown wrapping paper depicts one of those thoughts. This was done in 1989.


crustypiman said...

Brown wrapping paper! Wow! Excellent execution of your "sketch." I think this works well just as a painting, even without knowing that it is meant to be representational of a physical object. Oh I like the lamp idea, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that the design and watercolor execution are so good that it doesn't have to represent anything, except your extreme talent! Good work, Denny boy. Keep mining those archives of yours.

crustypiman said...

Hey Dennis,

What happened to the marble and walnut table that was posted? I was in the process of leaving a comment, got interrupted, and when I went back it was gone! What's up? Changed your mind? I'm not hallucinating am I?

Bro. Jas.

Dennis P. Moran said...

No you weren't hallucinating, I decided to remove it.

crustypiman said...

Okay.Blogger's prerogative.

By the way, I love your new image with your eye peering through the "o" of our surname. Very clever and funny!

Also, I like the new and improved masthead without the parentheses.

What typeface is that with your image?


Dennis P. Moran said...

Thanks James. The typeface is Rockwell Extra Bold. a digital re-cut of an old hot metal display type often used in Circus advertising--seemed appropriate.