Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Indaba Global Research Identity

Recent corporate identity design work for a Boston area financial start-up. The company's business is to provide independent financial research to large institutional investors--like Fidelity Mutual Funds. Their business model is one which will aggregate information from multiple sources from around the globe.

The word "indaba" means meeting or conference, as well as "gathering". In an agricultural sense it would represent the "harvest." So, the inspiration for the mark is one which attempts to combine a contemporary harvest symbol, with the concepts of aggregation of multi-sourced information--uniting to form a circular form representing the globe--all somewhat abstractly. The secondary symbolism is that of the letterform "I" for Indaba.

Color was carefully chosen to fit the financial industry, and to have only positive global connotations. Blue tones--the most widely accepted colors--generally symbolize peace, calmness, stability, security, loyalty, sky & water. 

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crustypiman said...

Nice logo, strange name. I guess all the good names were taken. At least you were able to make it look good.

And while I'm here, I'll gripe about blogger. I left a comment on the other posting and it never showed up. Worse yet, it didn't let me know that it didn't show up. I guess I have to go back and post again.

Regardless of my griping, it's good to see that you're posting again.