Thursday, July 10, 2008


Numbers rule our lives whether we like it or not. Even if we ignore them, they are there to haunt us and at times threaten us. From birth at zero to our known life expectancy, numbers rule us. Just a few examples: our age, our I.Q, our E.Q. (emotional quotient), social security number, SAT scores, GRE scores, PSA level, blood pressure, mortgage rate, EIN, birth order number, anniversary, bilirubin level, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, portfolio value, loss, gain, driver's license nunber, "The" number, various and sundry phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank and brokerage account numbers, shoe size, hat size, weight, age, height, glove size, underwear size, pant size, ring size, tire size, VIN number, automotive horsepower number, hourly billing rate, salary, probability of outliving our money. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Tell me more.


crustypiman said...

whoa! dennis! you've outdone yourself here. fantastic image/self-portrait. love the numbers and the writing too. just that one type that i found...
seriously, very good all around. keep up the outstanding work. you're an inspiration.

C ∏ M

crustypiman said...

oops! i have a typo of my own in that last comment.

meanwhile, how did you do this? it looks like pastel. did you draw this? or is it 'photoshopped?' very cool either way. hell, maybe it's an oil painting and i am really fooled.

excellent work, den.