Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Number Awareness Runs in the Family

This just in. Brother James had this same idea in 1992. Just another case of concurrent discovery—even if separated by 1 6 years. Hats off to Jim though for his beautifully executed calligraphy. Jim, my older brother, for those who don't know him, is an artist, calligrapher and tenured math professor. For those who are familiar with him know that he will forever remind me that "he thought of this first". And so, all of the credit for discovery that "Numbers Rule Lives" rightfully belongs to Jim. 

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crustypiman said...

You're very funny, Brother D. Thanks for all the nice things you said. But I never claimed prior credit for everything! "Those who know him..." may be a very small category. I'm not sure if I'm even in it. Keep up the good work with the blog, and keep up the humor. In the long run, it's probably the most important thing we have. Big ups & R E S P E C T to you Dennis.