Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Leaves

I'm working on a set of prints which I intend to give to clients as a Thanksgiving gift this year instead of a Christmas gift. Hey, why not. The Christmas Holiday is always frantic for everyone, Thanksgiving seems a better time to offer a gift—a "Thank You". Anyway, the prints are done, but I started working on the exterior label that will carry the overall greeting. I had this idea to construct the letterforms out of leaves and other natural objects that I could collect around our property. So, on a cold and rainy Saturday last weekend, I gathered a shopping bag full of natural stuff and assembled the letterforms in my photo studio. Much harder than I had imagined. Then began the painstaking process of creating a clipping path around each very complex letterform in Photoshop. This is the LAST time I will ever do this. I had toyed with the idea of a full font, but not any longer. Glad to have the letterforms done. I'll look forward to completing this tedious project.

The prints are shown below. Both are Daylilies from our garden shot this past Summer. The prints themselves will be 11 x 14 inch archival prints on 100% cotton paper.

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James E. Moran said...

Denny, I'm totally impressed and completely sure you are insane! I love the end result of the leaves arranged as letters. The photos of the daylilies are quite nice. That desaturated color treatment works really well with these. I do hope your clients appreciate the effort you have put into this project. Excellent work, bro. Keep it flowin'! Jimmy