Thursday, June 25, 2009

How do you lose those smiles?

The hardest part about being in the design and marketing communications business is seeing good, effective, solutions with human appeal become diluted by misplaced "governance." This is a case of exactly that. The cover which was created for this brochure titled "Pathways to the Promise" was decimated by an Executive Director of Marketing Communications who felt that it was "imperative" that the cover share the same messaging and imagery that is soon to be revealed in a TV commercial for the school system. 

Now unfortunately all of the photos were shot for a different purpose--namely individual close-up portraits--not a group. Second from the left shows one of the stunning single portraits done for the media campaign. The problem is it shows just ONE kid. Oh, and remember we've got to make sure this is "inclusive & shows diversity" ( you know, like the ORIGINAL cover) But no, we must use the photos from the ad campaign (even if they weren't intended for this use)--we'll beat them into submission and ruin a cover in the process...the Marcomm Director will sleep better tonight, me I think it's a travesty. 

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James E. Moran said...


I hear what you're saying. Of course, "executive directors" never make mistakes, right? Their infallibility and significant egos are what got them to their lofty position so how could they be wrong! Or maybe they should all just pull their heads out of that dark place where they reside.

James, Non-executive Director of Everything