Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Leaky Pipe People & Dancing Bladders?

Some time in the last couple of years, the drug companies decided to bring their show directly to us, rather than simply talking to physicians.

You know, I’d almost give them the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe, just maybe, their intentions were good, and that this is about giving us more information so that we can make good choices.

But when Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas” was adapted as the theme song for Viagra, I knew we were in for it—big time. And they now use the tagline "Viva Viagra"—Elvis would surely leave the building if he knew this.

They’ve managed to promote Viagra as a “lifestyle” choice for the older set—at one point in their advertising they even put nasty little devil’s horns on the guy in the ad…so we know this is not about trying to help us make good choices.

OK, now if you do have an incontinence problem, would you feel better when you see “leaky pipe people” carousing around the TV screen? Oh, and what about those dancing water balloon bladders? So, what’s at work here?

The Drug Companies are trying to “build their brands” so we’ll recommend their drug to our doctor. They're trying to create impressions that will stick with us—they hope.

The Ad folks are having a tough time dealing with the subject—it’s hard enough to come up with good ideas—but for icky products like these? (Imagine telling your kids: I created really cool leaky pipe people today!)

The naming Gurus are hard at work coming up with great names like “Boniva” for a bone related drug…duh.

All we can do is complain...and make fun of them of course. So let's all tell them what we think about their goofball advertising and the next time we need a prescription, order the generic kind instead!

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crustypiman said...

Hey Dennis,

The last time one of those commercials came on, I did like Elvis did and shot the damn thing out! That's a line I stole from Dylan (Talkin' TV Blues), and I'm joking, of course, but that's what I'd like to do every time one of those annoying commercials comes on. Usually I just hit the mute button so I don't have to hear that crap.

I do agree with your analysis and, personally, I'd like to see all of these disgusting pharmaceutical companies go down along with their ads and ridiculous drug names and overpricing policies. Where's my Abilify?!! I just can't finish this comment without it!!!