Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good50x70 2009 Entry

This is my entry into a global competition. The project is one called "Good50x70. The Project that helps social communication" 

Here's how the organization describes their project & purpose:

We created Good 50×70, an independent, non-profit initiative with
the following aims:

- to promote the value of social communication in the creative community,
- to provide charities with a (free) database of communication tools,
- to inspire the public via graphic design.

Our focus is an annual contest to design posters confronting seven
of the critical issues affecting today’s world. We chose posters as the media for the contest as they’re the most direct way to convey a message and can be easily translated to other media.

Seven charities each provide a brief on a global issue.

Anyone who wishes can enter a poster on any topic that inspires them.
The best 30 responses to each brief (as selected by our jury) are collected
in a catalogue and exhibited around the world. All the posters entered are
supplied to the charities for them to use as potential communication tools.
There aren’t any ‘winners’, unless you count the charities.
The point of entering is to produce something that might make
a difference in the world.

What more could you ask for as a creative than that?

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crustypiman said...

I always appreciate your use of type. It seems to fit, somehow. How do you decide what the font will be, especially given the vast number of possibilities. I like the graphic image as well. It gets the idea across very efficiently. Good work Dennis!