Friday, January 9, 2009

Embossed Portrait 1988

Hand embossed portrait done in 1988. Drawn into handmade paper from Wildcat paperworks using a blunt wooden tool. 22 x 32 inches.


crustypiman said...

Okay. I have no match for this! Really interesting technique. Considering the medium, this is a pretty good likeness. Was it drawn from memory, like you usually do? Or did you use the special embossed drawing mirror to get it right? Either way, it looks good. Keep 'em comin' Bro. I want to see a portrait drawn in the dirt next!

Dennis P. Moran said...

This is another of those "conceptual" portraits--less about likeness and more about state of mind / attitude at that time. No mirrors here, just a stick that I carved and blunted, and a nice sheet of paper