Monday, December 29, 2008

Self Portrait 1967

My brother Jim (CrustyPiMan) and I had a conversation about sharing self portraits that we have done over the years. This is the oldest example that I can find—although who knows, there might be older ones I haven't discovered yet. This example is 9x12 inches and from a  sketchbook dated 1967. The media is soft, vine charcoal of the type we all used in life drawing class in the 60's.

We'll be posting self-portraits on an irregular basis. Check out Jim's at:

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crustypiman said...

Very nice, Dennis. I know I don't have anything that is quite as old as yours. I will be looking for one to post, today!

P.S. Thanks for the plug for my blog. You know the traffic there is already pretty heavy so I don't know if I can handle more visitors. The CrustyPiMan Movement is about to take off!