Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making books and boxes

Lately I've been trying to learn how to do hand bookbinding and the construction of "clam-shell" style boxes to hold art & photographic prints. I'm experimenting with different sewn binding techniques and case construction. I'm making hand-painted end and cover papers, and making books using part of my photographic documentary study of Scenery Hill, PA.

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The Land of Nod said...

Hi Dennis-

Today I had some time to peruse various blogs and remembered I subscribed to your blog a while back and started going through old posts...I have to say, you are as talented as I remember :-)

I have experimented with bookbinding with a quaint little letterpress shop in Monterey, KY "Larkspur Press" (they are well-known for limited runs of local poets, writers, and their fine handiwork, etc.) and have to say, your work is at their level i.e. quality, diversity, design and construction.

Love the books you've created!